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    Catch up on those missing assignments with one-on-one help from your teachers.

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  • PM School

    Catch up on those missing assignments with one-on-one help from your teachers.

    Teachers Preparatory High School
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Join the GREEN TEAM!

Attention all students. Mr. Zhang is looking for new members to be part of the Green Team this Spring. Come to our next meeting on March 13, 2018 in room 201. 

Sustainability – Let’s garden 




 Spring is coming. Let’s garden! On Tuesday Jan 30, the Green Team of the school had it's first after school gardening activity, planting seeds 

To promote the sustainability, the Sustainability Committee of the school cooperates with Project EATS, organized the Green Team. To engage more students, and to make the activities more interest and productive, Ms. Broughton and Mr. Coppi are organizing a garden design competition. In addition, indoor plants will be made available. Preliminary feedback from teachers shows that more than half of classrooms will have indoor plants.    

For the first time, the school front yards will be planted with art design of different flowers. Many classrooms will have indoor plant decorations. We look forward to a more beautiful school building both outside and inside that contributes to more pleasing learning environment, and to sustainability of our community. 

Sports: Lady Tigers



Sports: Boys Soccer @ MCU Park

Recently, the boys soccer team went on a field trip to MCU Park and got to play on the same field where the Cosmos play! Check out the pics from that day below:




Find out what all the hype is about in 2018!

Peer Leadership-Community Service-Parent Involvement

"Making connections with our freshmen"

Game Night February 2, 2018

Family Night February 15, 2018

And so much more!!

Peer Group Connect



Congratulations to Coach Thomas and the Double Dutch Team. TPS has done it again. We are the PSAL Double Dutch City Champs for the 6th year in a row! #doubledutch #citychamps #le6end


OneGoal I College Graduation. Period.



TPS has a slew of programs starting up this school year. We are proud to announce OneGoal as one of these programs. Under the advisory of Ms. Fundi, with the support of OneGoal staff, our 11th grade students will be getting a college ready experience unlike no other program available. Students begin their college exploration in the classroom and receive the support and advisory they need to:

  • develop the skills that will help increase their GPA and college entrance exam scores, which in turn increases acceptance rates into more selective post-secondary schools.
  • plan and sign up for important exams such as the PSAT and SAT
  • complete the FAFSA form
  • identify seven best-fit colleges.
  • develop the non-cognitive skills and mindsets needed to graduate from college
  • understand and put into practice OneGoal’s Leadership Principles: Ambition, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Professionalism, and Integrity
  • apply to at least seven best-fit colleges
  • enroll in a best-fit college
  • accomplish academic, financial, and social Steps to Success
  • enroll in the first day of sophomore year with the mastery of the skills, mindsets, and experience that will lead to college graduation

This is a three year program that will follow them through the start of their second year of college. For more information about OneGoal, please visit their website by clicking here.


"My favorite memory of TPS are the teachers and how kind they are."

Neferti Garcia, Class of '17

Photo Credit: Victor Parris