Brag Sheet!

For Teacher Recommendation Letter


This information will be used by the teacher(s) who are writing your Recommendation Letter for college.

Please remember to ask your teacher politely if he or she would be willing to write you a letter and allow them enough time to complete the task! Also, always remember to thank your teacher’s for taking the time to write this very important letter for you!


Student’s Name: ______________________________

Subject Teacher’s Name: _______________________  Course Title & Yr. Taken: ___________________

Course Grades: _______________

Final Grade (Fall Term): ___________________             Final Grade (Spring Term): __________________


  1. Please list any projects, presentations or papers that you completed for this course in which you were proud of (If possible, remind your teacher of your grade!) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. What are your academic strengths? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What is your college major and/or career goals? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. List three (3) words you would use to describe yourself, and explain each with a few sentences



You should also provide your teacher with the following:

  • A Copy of your Official Transcript
  • A resume if you have one or a summary of activities