Like our homes, our school is a place where we want to accomplish our goals and support and respect each other, feel safe and create a positive environment.  People of great character all around us enrich our lives and our world. Be one of those individuals and strive to show:


Tell the truth.  Be sincere.  Don’t deceive, mislead, or be devious or tricky.  Don’t betray a trust.  Don’t withhold important information in relationships of trust.  Don’t steal or cheat.


Exercise self-control by thinking about your feelings and actions.  Think about the negative and positive consequences of doing something or not doing it.  Understand yourself and your immense importance in the world.  Be disciplined in order to earn respect and build on your successes.


Think about the effect on yourself and others before you act.  Be reliable.  Be accountable by accepting the consequences of your actions.  Don’t make excuses or blame others for your mistakes.  Set good examples that will bring you honor.


Stand up for your beliefs about right and wrong.  Be your best for yourself.  Resist social pressures to do things you think are wrong.  Do as you say you will.  Show courage and self-discipline.


Healthy bodies and minds are important in order to enjoy life.  Treat your body as a sacred place and your mind as your most valuable possession.


See yourself as a strong individual who has an important role and contributions to make in your home, school, community and country.  Follow your conscience and set a good example.  Bring honor and respect to everything you do.  Be a leader.


By working together, each one of us becomes stronger and reaches new heights.  Cooperation makes a difficult task easier to accomplish.  Support and caring eases the pain when we face a problem.  Sharing often leads to new ideas and understanding.


Do the best with what you have.  Keep trying.  Don’t quit or give up easily.  Be diligent and industrious.  Keep focused on your goals.


Show you care about others so that they will care about you.  Show kindness, caring and compassion.  Live by the Golden Rule:  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Don’t be selfish.  Don’t be mean, cruel, or insensitive to others’ feelings.  Be charitable and give to those who are in need or less fortunate.