A Letter from our Parent Coordinator: Tracie Cooper

Dear Parents & Guardian:

As your Parent Coordinator, I strive daily to do my very best for Teachers Preparatory School. My vision is to continually be a source of support in all areas, addressing all family needs. Parent Coordinators were placed in schools to be the #1 point of contact for all parents. It’s important to me to build relationships with our families. I’ve been a Parent Coordinator for over twelve years. I’m excited to be in a position where I can meet all my parents every day. I think our parents and families are thankful to have a point person in the building, a person who is available to them at any time, for any reason.

I’ve worked in the Department of Education for over 15 years, as a Parent Coordinator and Afterschool Director. Before joining the Department of Education, I worked as a Head Start Teacher. I love the babies. I also worked as a teacher for JP Morgan Chase and Bank of New York. I’ve always loved working and empowering children and families. My ultimate goal in this journey called life is to own a family center. A wellness center, providing services for the entire family.

I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family and friends. I love to travel and indulge in nature settings. Taking in all the beautiful landscape in our great lands, as well as learning and experiencing places both near and far. I strongly believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Tomorrow is not promised. Live today.

We are a family. We love to plan events inviting our parents, students and staff to thoroughly enjoy. We make it out goal to include our families in all engagement activities, making sure all ideas and concerns are heard and addressed. We start our school year with our “Back to School Night” and throughout the year we host, Perfect Attendance Breakfast, Financial Empowerment, Community Resource Fair, Health Fair, National Honor Society, college tours, Movie Night, Parents Appreciation Dinner, and much more…

Everyone being on the same page is what makes my job possible. Our principal is the essential piece in bridging everyone together, along with assistant principals, guidance counselors, school counselors, deans, school nurse, school aide, kitchen staff and para-professionals. This team makes it happen for our teachers, students and PARENTS. 

I look forward to building a relationship with each one of you. I’m here to support not only your child and their academic success, but also providing parents with the best tools to make it happen.

Be Blessed